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Mo Bilbeisi / Moh'd bilbeisi

Moh'd Bilbeisi is an imaginative professor, architect, illustrator, and watercolorist who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art.  His works are often noted for their unique dynamism, elegance, and technique.  Moh'd has developed an innovative style that blends precision with abstract expressionism.  His use of vibrant watercolors and expressive brush strokes make his work an excellent choice for a wide range or projects and purposes. 


Moh'd is accomplished in using watercolors, ink, and graphite/pencil as well as modern digital techniques.  His work is highly collected by individuals, nationally and internationally.  In addition, corporations and other entities such as Ducati USA, BMW, SKFGroup, Oklahoma State University, Emirates Air, and Hilton Intl. have utilized Moh'd's talents for graphic illustrations and ads.  He is also a noted author of several books such as Graphic Journaling and co-author of Words and Colors, Firmitas, among others.   


Moh'd's works have been featured in many exhibitions, nationally, and internationally.  He also conducts graphic workshops throughout the globe.  His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications, books, and journal ads

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